88% of Local Governments Have a Social Media Presence

ARTICLE | Jan 23, 2015

According to results of ICMA’s recent Digital Use Survey conducted in November 2014, 88% of respondents reported that their local government has a social media presence. This high usage is also reflected in the articles and documents on the social media topic on the Knowledge Network. 

Highlights from the survey include:

  • Overall, 90% of respondents use a smartphone, with Apple iOS and the Android the most popular.
  • Regardless of age group, respondents prefer to read articles and reports electronically and magazines and books in print.
  • LinkedIn and Facebook are the social networking communities reported by the highest percentage of respondents.
  • A majority of respondents report that they are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with these features of the ICMA website/Knowledge Network:
    • Documents/articles
    • Premium content
    • Topic groups
    • The directory
  • 41% of ICMA members use the ICMA website/Knowledge Network daily or weekly.
  • A majority of members report that they often find what they are looking for on the ICMA website/Knowledge Network.


The survey was sent to all local government employees (members and nonmembers) in the ICMA database. A summary of the survey results is available in the Knowledge Network.

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