Alliance for Innovation Regions

Alliance for Innovation Regions

How Does the Alliance Support You and Your Organization?

Every Alliance member has access to a Regional Director who serves as a primary support and contact with the Alliance. We communicate with our members to help provide them to tools necessary to embed cultures of innovation in their organization. This hands-on approach connects members with vital knowledge and resources needed to help manage the ever increasing demands of local government while building lasting and quality relationships.

Serving Your Organization

Regional Directors provide a number of services for your organization:

  • Schedule site visits
  • Assist with research requests
  • Coordinate learning opportunities, and
  • Serve as a catalyst for your innovation team.

Meet Your Regional Director


In Transition
Contact: Kim Bradford
Phone: 623.512.8984


Located in Spartanburg, SC
Sallie Ann Burnett
Regional Director
Phone: 800.777.2509


Located in Denver, CO
Nijah Fudge
Regional Director
Phone: 877.744.9380
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