What Attendees Think

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The 2020 Transforming Local Government Conference will take place May 5-8 in Phoenix, AZ.

TLG Testimonials

“It's an excellent opportunity for elected and appointed officials to get together to network, share information, and celebrate successes.” Melanie Mesko Lee, City Administrator, Hastings, MN

"I find the most value in the ability to quickly and effectively connect with practitioners in the field. And not just anybody in local government. The people that are active in the Alliance are the truly committed and forward-thinking local government professionals. I am continually amazed by their passion and creativity in providing services to citizens. These folks are more than willing to share their triumphs and failures as they work to innovate in their cities or counties. This sharing is at the heart of the true value of the Alliance for Innovation." Frances Adams-O'Brien, Research and Information Center, UT Municipal Technical Advisory Service

“The biggest threat to a city’s future vitality is elected officials and staff who only know how they have always done things. Go to the Annual Conference to learn about the creative things happening in cities and leave energized and equipped to take great ideas back to your community.” Dave Bartholomay, Mayor, City of Circle Pines, MN

"My passion for local government was once again reinvigorated and I look forward to future opportunities from the Alliance." Mark J. Relph, P.E., Public Works Director, City of Shoreline, WA

“The League of Minnesota Cities and the Alliance for Innovation share a relentless focus on continuous improvement, creative collaborations, and sustainable results. Bringing the two together will incubate the innovation that makes good things happen; things that make us proud to call our communities home.” Tanya Ange, Deputy City Manager, Mankato, MN

"The energy and spirit of the TLG community consistently reflects the best in local government and supercharges my own commitment to the future!" Katy Simon Holland, President, Simon and Associates

"I've been in local government for 15 years and until coming to work for Town of Queen Creek I didn't even know about Alliance of Innovation or TLG. I love working in the local government/public service arena and this conference gave me amazing insight and fresh outlook on my career. I learned so many exciting ideas and tools about how I can help shape and enhance my organization. This was a great way to connect with other innovators, peers and organizations that have the same appreciation for what local government is doing for our communities and the nation. I look forward to participating more with TLG/Alliance for Innovation in the future." Amy Shackelford, Special Projects Manager, Town of Queen Creek, AZ

"This was a great opportunity to meet others in the same profession and to share ideas of things that can make a real difference in our communities. What inspired me most was the willingness of every one of the presenters to have taken a risk." Peggy Bunzli, Budget Officer, City of Boulder, CO

“Our expectation as elected officials in Bloomington is that our community, city council, and staff are recognized as leaders among local governments. The Alliance for Innovation is an important partner and resource for Bloomington in meeting that expectation today, and we appreciate that the Alliance is helping us navigate the challenging issues of tomorrow.” 
Gene Winstead, Mayor, City of Bloomington, MN

"TLG is by far the most valuable conference experience. The sessions are thoughtfully planned and include stand out practioners. Networking opportunities are endless and diverse." Stephanie Smith, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Flagstaff, AZ

"This was my first TLG Conference, I was excited and inspired to share and excite others in my organization about the new ideas and innovations I learned at this Conference. All Local Government employees should have an opportunity at some point in their careers to participate in a conference like this." Stephanie Venimore, Business Performance Advisor, City of Burlington, ON