TLG Innovation Showcase Application

Applications for TLG 2020 are now closed

Transforming Local Government (TLG) is the annual gathering place for municipalities on the innovation journey. You will meet peers from across North America focused on not just making good communities, but making great communities! In 2020, the TLG conference will take place May 5-8 in Phoenix, AZ.

TLG is a team event. Organizations send staff members from all levels of the organizations. You will grow your network among both peers as well as where you want to go in your career! TLG is all about meeting up with old friends and making new friends around presentations on dynamic content that encourages free thinking and fosters unprecedented ideas, all within a relaxed and professional networking and learning environment. And we want you to be one of the presenters around dynamic content!

So, what exactly are we looking for in a TLG Innovation Showcase?

Innovation, at its core, is about making things better in ways that are useful and valuable. It is about changing our services, our processes, our tools or our products to add value that matters to the people that use them. It is about discovering challenges or opportunities, designing possible enhancements, evaluating and selecting the best ones, and then using our ideas, our skills, our talents, our data, and our relationships to serve ever better.

And it’s also about the environment of the organization that allows those transformations to take place. We have found that transformational change is able to occur on a regular and sustainable basis when four elements are present – strategy, operations, culture and ecosystem.

We want to hear about your innovations – whether they are big, small, incremental or disruptive. We are looking to hear about transformational programs you have created and implemented in the past 5 years. Here are some ideas to get your brainstorming:

  • Housing/homelessness/gentrification
  • Smart cities
  • Equity/diversity/inclusion
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Climate change/sustainability
  • Data-driven Decision making/Performance Reporting
  • Strategy and Operations – What are you doing to build nimble, adaptable, and data-driven capacity for financial, planning and management systems to maximize performance and resiliency? What have you done that is transformational or innovative in strategic management or planning – process and execution?
  • Culture – Share your success stories on cultivating trust, building relationships and developing systems that support organizational transformation goals. Tell us about your organizational culture work, team relations and communications, people systems and organizational transformational systems.
  • Ecosystem – How have you facilitated collaboration to leverage all available expertise and resources to solve problems – within the organization, with other organizations, across sectors, and with the general public. This could be local and regional partnerships, or stretching farther!
  • Anything else! We didn’t list it here but it’s a great program to share!


NOTE: Local government organizations that are selected as Innovation Showcase presenters and/or awardees of an Alliance for Innovation Award are responsible for all associated costs, such as:

  1. Registration fees for each person at the conference (discounted through early registration cut off)
  2. All travel expenses including, but not limited to, air travel, hotel, car rental and other associated travel expenses