Capital Improvement Program Criteria and Policies

Ryan Davidson ASKED

The City of Charlottesville is looking to rework it's Capital Improvement Program, more specifically the processes, policies, and any evaluation criteria used in the formulation of our capital budget.

Regarding your locality’s CIP process:

1. What evaluation criteria do you have for the review and selection of capital project requests for inclusion in your capital budget?
2. Do you have any set policies or guidelines governing the allocation of funds, such as a policy of a certain % of the overall funding which must be allocated for the upkeep and or life-cycle replacement of existing infrastructure vs. the amount that can be allocated for the creation of new infrastructure (new roads, new buildings, etc.)?
3. Once the CIP is adopted, how are these criteria/standards/policies tracked and implemented?
4. How do you communicate with elected officials about the CIP? How often? What methods are used for decision making? And at what point do you include elected officials in the decision making process.

Thank you.