City Commission Staffing

Innovative and efficient solutions in staffing city commissions.


Prepared By: Samantha Corrales

Executive Summary & Analysis (Key Points) 

Although extensive research was not available regarding the disadvantages and advantages of individual or shared staff for city commissions, trends among cities present an interesting find. I listed examples of staffing from cities with comparable population sizes. These cities specifically had shared staff teams. These teams varied from 1 to 2 people that would work directly with the commission. However, the larger cities had individual staff teams and shared teams as well. Another option that was presented, was the opportunity to have a shared staffer that would focus on 2 commissioners. This would allow the commissioner to have more individual assistance. From this standpoint, the need for individual and shared staff looks to be primarily based on if the commissioner is requesting tailored assistance.  

Research Findings 

City of Warren (Population of 133,943) 

City of Dayton (Population of 140,640) 

City of Tulsa (Population of 400,000) 

  • The 9 city council members have shared administrative staffers. The shared staffing team includes a Council Administrator, Secretary, Council Support, and Council Media. 
  • This council also has personal Council Aides that are assigned to 2 council members each.  
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City of Seattle (Population of 744,955)  

  • The 9 city council members have 3 - 5 individual staffers. These roles variate from Chief of Staff, Policy Analyst, Legislative Assistant, Community Outreach, and other administrative positions. 
  • Council claims that their staff allows them to be provided with objective research, analysis, and legislative options to achieve the Council’s policy objectives. 
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City of Phoenix (Population of 1.6 million) 

  • The 8 city council members have 1-3 individual staffers. These roles variate from Chief of Staff, Council Aide, Secretary, or Research Analyst  
  •  The council also has 3 shared administrative staffers. These roles include Assistant, Administrative Secretary, and Public Information Officer.  
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