Membership Criteria

  • MEMBER:  A local government chief executive, manager, or administrator, deputy manager or deputy administrator, assistant manager or assistant administrator.  Also included is any person actively engaged as an executive director of a regional planning district, a regional service authority or any other similar regional government entity.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER:  Any local government employee who would not otherwise qualify as a “Member.”
  • AFFILIATE MEMBER:  Any individual who has a strong interest in local government management in Virginia, including members in transition, military base commanders, individuals who teach local government administration full-time at a college or university, staff members of the Virginia Municipal League, Virginia Association of Counties, Virginia’s First Cities, The Weldon Cooper Center, and members of non-profit research and staff agencies that serve local government.
  • STUDENT MEMBER:  Any person whose primary activity is as a student in public administration, public affairs or similar subject area and who intends to follow a career in local government; or any full-time intern, fellow, or equivalent working in local government and who is not eligible for, or more appropriately classified in, another membership category.
  • RETIRED MEMBER:  Any member of VLGMA or a local government professional who has retired and wishes to remain affiliated with the Association.  If a retired member returns to full-time work, the “retired” shall be put on “hold” until the member re-retires, at which time the retired status will be reinstated.
  • LIFE MEMBER:  A VLGMA member and local government professional who has retired from active service and completed 25 or more years of VLGMA membership is eligible for Life Membership.  Life Membership may also be bestowed by unanimous vote of the VLGMA executive board for individuals who have not satisfied the 25 year requirement but have a distinguished record of service to the profession and the Association.
  • MEMBERS IN TRANSITION:  Any member in good standing who goes into transition shall retain VLGMA membership as an Affiliate Member.

Membership or eligibility for membership in the International City/County Management Association, the National Association of County Administrators, or any other group is not a prerequisite to joining VLGMA. Persons who are members of such national organizations are not automatically members of VLGMA. Dues must be paid to VLGMA in order to be a VLGMA member.

Membership Form

Click here for the VLGMA Membership Application.