Local government professionals manage busy schedules and carry heavy workloads, and professional development sometimes falls to the bottom of the to-do list. But, regular learning and skills development are critical—both for individuals seeking to build competencies or explore new trends and for local government organizations looking to maximize organizational results and grow as teams.

Whether you choose to attend virtual webinars, watch an ondemand video, attend a workshop, or advance your organization through the Innovation Academy, the Alliance for Innovation offers multiple opportunities for all staff members and teams to grow.

Learning Opportunities

Michelle Royal Speaking Engagement
Leadership & Professional Development

The Alliance offers learning opportunities with leading presenters, keynote speakers and trainers.

Civic Education
Virtual Learning

Continue your education and explore emerging practices with Alliance e-learning programs.

Innovation Academy

Leadership & Professional Development
Innovation Academy OnSight

What is Innovation Academy "OnSight" Content delivered onsite over two half-day sessions for up to 25 participants Interactive sessions, consisting of team discussions and faculty sharing practical examples Teams are provided with an Innovation Playbook, suggested readings, and stimulating tools and exercises for team development Organizational Assessment, looking at how your organization approaches innovation, will be conducted and a summary analysis will be provided Innovation Advance (optional)* About Innovation Advance   It starts at the top. Organizations which cultivate and demonstrate an Innovation Leadership Culture are most effective in implementing and sustaining innovative solutions over time. The Innovation Advance is a customized onsite three-hour workshop for up to 20 leaders of Academy participant governments to support and encourage their organizations’ capacity for innovation. 

Innovation Academy Team
Organizational Development & Training
Innovation Academy Alumni

Graduated 44 organizations from the Innovation Academy and over 500 individuals.

Learning New Ways to Think and Interact

Peter Senge in The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization writes on the idea that organizations undergo radical change when people within them learn new ways to think and interact. Learning organizations are on a continuous journey, alwys looking to expand their capcity to create the future.

The Alliance for Innovation serves your organization throughout its transformational journey by providing you with cutting edge, pragmatic and relevant learning opportunities.

Through our community of practice, organizations have access to the tools necessary to observe, learn and apply innovations. The Alliance can assist you in making a deep impact within your organization to improve your capacity to deliver superior service to your community.


Performance Management
October 2018 Performance Analytics Tools Consortium Meeting

The purpose of this consortium is to create a forum that allows for the exchange of ideas and lessons learned regarding the use of powerful performance and data management tools.

Innovation & Culture
October 2018 Chief Innovation Consortium

In this consortium we have created a home for innovators in local government; to foster conversation and learning about the promotion, expansion, and championing of innovation.

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