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The Alliance for Innovation delivers invigorating content, helps you gain a learning edge and partners with ASU to provide industry-leading research.

Building Cultures of Innovation

The Alliance helps you and your organization change the way you think about innovation by building an organizational culture that encourages all employees to explore new ideas.

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Our members represent a wide variety of communities, positions, and perspectives with the common vision of fostering innovation in local government.

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Board of Directors

The Alliance for Innovation Board members represent the Alliance for Innovation membership and our strategic research partner Arizona State University.

Next Generation of Managers
The Partnership

The Alliance for Innovation, formerly the Innovation Groups, has been expanding its network to more and more local governments and creating partnerships since its inception.  History of the Partnership and the Birth of the Alliance for Innovation In late 2002, earnest talks of forming an alliance between The Innovation Groups and The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) began. IG and ICMA initiated co-sponsored workshops to test the waters of this new relationship. With the retirement of founder Bob Havlick in June, 2003, a new era began when former Texas City Manager Bob Hart became the IG President in December, 2003. Hart worked with the IG Board and ICMA Executive Director Bob O’Neill to find a key third partner. All parties agreed that a university partner was essential to forge an alliance that would bring cutting-edge ideas and applied research to local governments. IG issued a request for interest among universities and with ICMA began the search for the last peg of the alliance. On June 2, 2006, the Innovation Groups Board unanimously voted to choose Arizona State University as the university partner for the Alliance, as did the ICMA Board. In Yuma, AZ on October 13 and 14, three representatives of ASU and three representatives of ICMA joined the IG board for the first Alliance board meeting. The group amended the IG bylaws to incorporate the new board structure and decided that IG would become the “Alliance for Innovation.” This new name was put to a vote of the IG membership in May 2007 and passed with 179 “Yes” votes, 4 “No” votes, and 161 with no response. On June 1, 2007, the organization legally became the “Alliance for Innovation, Inc.” The Alliance continues today with its strategic research partner Arizona State University. Enhanced Research Partnership When the Innovation Groups (Alliance for Innovation), ICMA and Arizona State University, initially formed its partnership, their work included the development and dissemination of innovations through research. Capitalizing on the strengths of each of its components, the Alliance launched with a vision to become the premier force for innovation in local governance.  To fulfill its intended purpose, the Alliance for Innovation, in collaboration with ICMA's Center for Management Strategies created a framework to disseminate new leading practices to local governments. The result of this framework was the Enhanced Research Partnership. The work resulting from the Enhanced Research Partnership can be found on the Research Projects section of the Alliance website. 

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