Innovation Academy

The Innovation Academy is a tested framework that assists organizations in developing transformational strategic, cultural, and ecosystem capacity to support sustainable operational innovation!


Reimagine. Experience. Learn. Build. Act

As a complement to the Alliance for Innovation’s organizational transformation and innovation capacity-building coaching program, we are excited to offer an enhanced TLG Innovation Academy program!  

During coaching throughout the year, members will have access to many templates, content (written and video), and peer examples/connections related to their prioritized capacity-building areas.  We are proud to offer these resources as part of Alliance membership. Members can reach out to the Alliance at or 888.496.0944, Option 3, to receive guidance and resources at any time throughout the membership year.

In addition to this support, members may also choose to deepen their training in key areas, and the expanded TLG Innovation Academy program offers several trainings and workshops to meet those needs.

Open to both Alliance members and non-members (members receive discounted pricing), local governments can select courses that will grow their organizational skills and capacity to enable sustainable transformation and innovation. Participants will engage in curated workshops, learning, and development opportunities provided by industry experts.



The Alliance for Innovation (AFI) originally developed the Innovation Academy in 2012 with our strategic research partner, Arizona State University (ASU).  The original program offered a once-a-year opportunity for a small group of local government organizations to participate in the program, which included taking a cross-functional team through 8 monthly virtual training sessions.

The curriculum focused on topics such as successful cross-functional team development, theories around building a culture of innovation, as well as the “process” of innovation (taking a problem or opportunity through the creative problem-solving process and piloting innovative solutions).  Teams applied this to a project and had the opportunity to present their projects at the annual Transforming Local Government (TLG) conference. 

Current Academy Program

We are excited to announce the next generation of our TLG Innovation Academy, which builds on the great content and experience of the past, while factoring in some key enhancements based on feedback from our members! This includes enhancing and diversifying the program’s content, offering a more flexible schedule, providing different methods of training delivery, and giving participants the opportunity to focus on content that meets them where they are on their transformation and innovation journeys. 

Course Categories


Strategic Planning and Implementation

Financial Literacy and Resource Alignment


 Formulate your vision & strategy and craft successful methods to fulfill your mission & implement strategy while managing strategic challenges.


 Understand how to modernize budgeting and obtain resources to improve alignment of priorities and new initiatives for transformational & innovative government.


Organizational Relations & Communications

Innovation Skillsets

Gain skills for transformational leadership to build trust and enable successful organizational change.


Workshops to gain "tool-kits" to kick-off innovation efforts or learn proven techniques to sustain & grow innovation initiatives (including innovation team and program development)


Peer Mentorship


Peer-to-Peer showcases & connection to learn from innovators in the trenches.

Coaching & development to guide you through the innovation journey.


Course Formats & Pricing

Courses can be delivered through on-site workshops for a specific organization, regional offerings for multiple local government innovators, live virtual sessions, or on-demand video classes.

Pricing varies depending on the workshop and number of participants. Alliance for Innovation member organizations will receive discounted pricing as a member benefit. 

The AFI team will work with your organization to define an Academy experience that supports your organization’s goals (can be one-time or multi-session planning).

Join Your Local Government Peers!

Join the alumni group of these local government organizations that have engaged in the Alliance’s TLG Innovation Academy program!

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