2017 Emerging Professionals Leadership Institute-Northeast Region  

August 10 - April 06, 2020
01:00 pm - 01:00 pm
Newport, RI 02840




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Registration closes: March 29, 2017

Venue Details: Guerney's Newport Resort & Marina (formerly Hyatt Newport)

Reservations:  Online or call 401-851-3332, ask for in-house reservations and indicate that you are attending the ICMA Northeast Regional Summit.

ICMA Room Rate:  $107 (plus tax)/night

Hotel Cut-off: March 21, 2017

Questions? Contact **Felicia Littky at flittky@icma.org or call 202-962-3656

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The ICMA University presents this Institute as a special two day offering to Emerging Professionals on the Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning preceding the ICMA Summits in the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, Mountain Plains and West Coast Regions. Managers are encouraged to invite early career professionals and emerging leaders to attend this leadership institute.

Program of Events

  • Wednesday 1:00-1:30- Check-In
  • Wednesday 1:30-4:00 PM - ICMA University Workshop- StandOut2.0-Building a Culture of Strength Within the Organization 
  • Wednesday 4:10-5:00PM:  "It's Not Too Late to Save" with ICMA-RC
  • Wednesday 5:00-6:00PM: Networking Social hosted by ICMA-RC
  • Thursday 8:30-10:00AM: Breakfast and conversation with Lee Feldman, City Manager, Ft. Lauderdale, FL and 2017 ICMA President
  • Thursday 10:00AM-1:00PM:  Equity & Inclusivity in the Workplace and Our Communities. Lunch, sponsored by  BoardDocs is included.  ICMA Northeast Regional Summit participants will join in this session as well.

Workshops and Special Session Details 

ICMA University Workshop

StandOut2.0-Building a Culture of Strength Within the Organization 

StandOut 2.0 is designed to help organizations and individuals within the organization understand what strengths they bring to work. Instead of focusing on what you lack it focuses on what you bring to work and are able to contribute to the organization. It begins by identifying strengths (which are outcome oriented and based on what people actually do consistently and do well).

Using a work based situational assessment, StandOut2.0 identifies 9 strength roles and the 2 that are most dominant for each individual in the way that they work and interact in team settings. In some ways good teams are like jigsaw puzzles—the pieces are all different but complete the puzzle when in their right places. 

StandOut 2.0 identifies how others experience us and provides specific tools to help team leaders and teams be more effective at work. It builds better team leaders and more effective members of Leadership Teams.

StandOut2.0 identifies the team leaders primary strengths at work and can improve effectiveness and engagement. Gallup’s work on engagement states that engagement improves as people are able to do more of what they are good at--understanding the strengths that individual members bring to the team improves engagement, accelerates the work of the team, and offers dynamic new possibilities of inter team and organizational capabilities.

**Completion of StandOut 2.0 assessment found in StandOut 2.0 by Marcus Buckingham is required a pre-work. Bring your results to the workshop to learn how you “stand out” at work.

Workshop Leader: Felicia Logan, Director of Leadership Development, ICMA

Addresses Practice Group: 1- Staff Effectiveness


equity & inclusivity in the workplace and our communities

Check back soon for a description of this session.

More than ever, local government professionals are called upon to integrate public service with equitable response to a rapidly diversifying community. Local governments are charged with meeting the needs of the whole community and must weigh priorities and deliver services to all residents. Equity and inclusivity go beyond race and gender. Factors that contribute to a diverse community profile include variations in age, economic status, educational attainment, immigration levels, and community size. This moderated panel discussion will feature examples from local governments that are successfully addressing inclusiveness and diversity in their organizations and their communities.  A luncheon, sponsored by BoardDocs will follow the workshop.


It's not too late to save with ICMA-RC

When life gets in the way and you haven’t saved enough, you can procrastinate, despair, or take action. ICMA-RC’s Certified Financial Planners will review a number of steps you can take to get back on track.  Discussion topics will include buying a home, retirement readiness, investments, etc…



The Northeast Regional Summit will follow the EPLI, beginning at 1:30 p.m.  Add this event to your calendar!  Separate registration is required!




This event is made possible through generous support from our partner, ICMA-RC.

Event Details


  • August 10 - April 06, 2020
  • 01:00 pm 01:00 pm


  • Newport, RI 02840


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