Strategic Action Plan: Enhancing an Organization Through a Bunch of SAPs

Through the Leadership Intern Training Experience (LITE) team concept, employees are provided the rare opportunity to work directly with the City Manager and other members of top management through a mentoring approach intended to develop additional capacity within the organization. The program concept further serves the City of Palm Coast City Council Strategic Action Plan for implementing the long-term Vision for the City of Palm Coast. During the Fiscal Years of 2012 – 2013, seven (7) LITE teams were established.

Through this unique management style, the City Manager recruited employees to serve as team leaders and members through an application process. Over the course of a year, professional employees have experienced skill development by tackling challenges beyond their primary roles and expertise. This program has had a significant and extremely positive impact on the organization and has been acknowledged by the Florida City and County Management Association by recognizing City Manager Jim Landon for a Career Excellence Award for this innovative program.

This paper is written from the perspective of one of the seven team leaders. Through the direction of the City Manager, goals were set for one team and accomplished through this innovative management approach.

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