Santa Clara County’s Center for Leadership and Transformation

The Center for Leadership and Transformation (CLT) is a bold and innovative approach enabling employees to take the lead in organizational transformation. The CLT is a world-class leadership, innovation, and transformation program designed to give employees the opportunity and the tools to envision and implement change. The Center is helping the County achieve significant results through four primary initiatives: 1) The Mid-Level Manager Program, 2) The Executive Manager Program at Stanford University, 3) Countywide Rapid Transformation efforts, and 4) A Collaborative Web Platform.

Santa Clara County (SCC) is one the largest counties in the nation and home to some of the most innovative organizations in the world – Apple, Google, and Stanford University. Yet, faced with nearly a decade of budget deficits, perpetual funding shortfalls, and rapidly changing client demands, Santa Clara County, like many other local governments, had been unable to focus on a Countywide approach to innovation. In late 2009, facing a record $250 million deficit, the Board and their County Executive, Dr. Jeffrey V. Smith, decided it was time to take on a new approach to addressing challenges, and create an environment that could embrace change.

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