Neighborhood Place

Neighborhood Place represents a finalist for the Harvard Ash Institute’s 2009 Innovations in American Government Awards.  The program began as a pilot in 1993 as a result of findings that 35% of children under the age of five were living in poverty within the region.  The program is implemented through four interagency and private partnerships.  The partnerships consist of the metro government, county school district, cabinet for health and human services, and a private group.  These partnerships enable a variety of services to be provided to qualified participants.  Additionally the partnerships improved communication and efficiency so that the low income families receive the services they need with a visit to one of the sites.  After 16 years, the program has grown to consist of eight permanent sites and three satellite sites that serve 1,000 people daily.  Additionally, in 2008, Neighborhood Place served a record number of people by coordinating services for 255,000 families. 

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