Innisfil Transit: Powered by Uber

By Town of Innisfil, Canada, for the TLG 2018 Case Study program

Dec 5, 2017

This innovation is a partnership between the ridesharing technology company Uber and the Town of Innisfil to provide a door-to-door demand-based ridesharing transit service. Rather than incurring the high costs of a traditional bus transit system, particularly to cover Innisfil's large geographic area and dispersed settlements, the Town is simply paying for a portion of the Uber fare to provide a less expensive 24/7 transit service. Through this partnership, the Town is also gathering much needed data to refine and improve the transit system in future implementation phases.
Innisfil is the first municipality in Canada to partner with Uber and is the first community in the world to have a transit system powered by Uber, rather than buses.

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