CityLinks Climate Adaptation Partnership Program: Resource City Application

Jan 6, 2015

ICMA’s CityLinks program is proud to announce the 2015 Climate Adaptation Partnership Program (CAPP). The program will pair an international partner city with a resource city that has faced and begun to address a similar adaptation challenge. A series of partnership activities, including exchange trips, have been designed to find sustainable solutions tailored to the real needs of cities. 

The 2015 CAPPs are open to all urban sub-national entities in developed countries. This includes but is not limited to local and regional governing bodies, cities, counties, municipalities, and districts. Governing areas can have a combined urban/rural population, but must be based around an urban core. 

Applications are due on February 25, 2015 by 10pm EST. The application is a series of essay questions and a letter of support signed by a senior official in the administration that certifies submission and designates CAPP as a priority for that governing body. Both the essay and the letter should be submitted via email to

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