Alliance 3.0 Business Plan Highlights

A 3-year horizon to support exceptional member value, financial sustainability, and advancement of the Alliance mission.

Jun 12, 2018
  • Idea Cloud: Discovery and exchange of emerging practices and relevant trends.
    • Searchable database and virtual idea exchanges
    • Local government academic institution engagement playbook
    • Enhanced partnership with ASU and strengthened academic collaboration
  • Connected Community of Innovators: Nurturing a tribe of innovators that drive innovation.
    • TLG conference innovation showcase, awards, BIG Ideas
    • Ambassador resource guide, mentors, and nextERA strategic projects
    • Communities of practice, Innovation Academy alumni, and member (un)committees
  • Innovation Ecosystem: Supporting member organizations as well as the public sector in general to advance the innovation ecosystem.
    • Innovation culture capacity-building
    • Elected officials innovation institute
    • Execution leadership innovation advance sessions
  • Innovation Learning: Facilitating individual and team learning about the innovation process, diffusion, and culture.
    • Customized Innovation Academy curriculum, individual options for classes, and organizational assessments
    • Enhanced virtual learning tied to innovation learning goals (leading, emerging practices)
    • Graduate-level Innovation Academy
  • AFI Systems: The keystone structures, philosophies, and infrastructure that support sustainable execution of all Alliance pursuits.
    • Partnerships (local government, academic, and discipline-specific__ and member engagement plan
    • New CEO, alignment of research and learning programs, and technology enhancements
    • Grants and philanthropy, corporate partner enhancements and expanded marketing.