AFI Framework for Strategic Intentions

Apr 13, 2018

In December of 2017, the AFI Board adopted a new Strategic Framework which focuses on four key channels of strategic intention that will be implemented over the next three years:

♦ Innovation Ecosystem – work in this channel will advance not only the sustainable culture of innovation within organizations, through programs such as our Innovation Leadership Advance and our Organizational Readiness Assessment, but also throughout the practice of public service, through our longstanding collaboration with ICMA and our programs such as Next Big Thing. We will continue to broaden our relationships with our Canadian colleagues, and will reach out to others that share our mission of advancing communities through innovation worldwide.

♦ Innovation Learning – our emphasis on providing organization-wide learning opportunities will continue, with our signature Innovation Academy, our Innovation Playbook, Innovation OnSight, enhanced virtual learning events and an expansion into individualized online learning modules that will help innovators to succeed at every level.

♦ Idea Cloud – we will strengthen the depth and diversity of our innovative practice ideas through our searchable database, and look forward to partnering with member organizations to broaden our highly successful regional idea forums, where AFI members at all levels can engage on issues and solutions of importance to them.  In addition, we will look forward to expanding our research efforts with our sponsor Arizona State University, as well as helping members to partner with their local academic institutions throughout North America.

♦ Connected Community of Innovators – with our signature conferences, Transforming Local Government and BIG Ideas, we will continue the tradition of gathering those who innovate and those who accelerate the introduction of innovation into the practice of local government. We will continue to support consortia such as the Chief Innovation Officers’ Forum, our Innovation Academy Alumni program, our nextERA project for next gen leaders, and our Innovation Awards programs, among others.