2017 BIG Ideas Summary

The emerging and uncertain role of local governments in social minefields: navigating the waters between local autonomy and state pre-emption.

Jan 10, 2018
Alliance for Innovation

At the 2017 BIG Ideas Meeting, thought-leaders from local government, the private sector, and academia convened to discuss the role of local government within the structural confines of state and federal regulations. The relationships have grown tighter year-by-year as local governments are preempted or restricted from taking local action on social, environmental, and economic issues. Over the course of an October weekend, attendees were inspired by provocateurs to consider the optimal level of autonomy for local governments. Participants were challenged on whose interests should be protected, what values drive these decisions, and how people’s rights are preserved. Attendees were asked to rethink the role of government and how it influences the design, plan, and regulation within our cities, counties, and towns.

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