We believe the purpose of Local Government is to develop and sustain Thriving Communities – vibrant places that enhance the economic, social, and environmental vitality of all stakeholders. Through our online community, we exponentially increase the partnerships and collaboration between our member organizations and partners and the communities they serve.


Rich Content

Breadth and depth of content in all facets of local government operations and management. 

Social Networking and Knowledge Exchange

Within an open environment, ability to network and exchange ideas with a worldwide community of experts in local government and topics related to local government.


In partnership with the School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University, we are working with hundreds of organizations across North America to build and sustain the local government transformation movement.  Online publication of research, case studies, and innovative practices serve as a central resource for knowledge exchange and expansion. The Alliance actively seeks new contributers and partners providing pathways to fresh, engaging content and new user audiences.

Global Scope

The free flowing exchange of concepts, ideas and best practices occurs without boundaries. City leaders in developing nations are able to access the functionality of this knowledge exchange to seek answers to their unique challenges and spur resource sharing and knowledge exchange throughout their countries.

The Alliance website features many ways to access a wealth of local government resources and connect with fellow professionals. 

Locate information quickly- Access a rich document library with continuously updated content including research, articles, case studies, white papers, sample local government document, requests for proposals and best practices.  The document library is organized in close to 200 topics, making it easy for users to quickly find information.