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BLOG POST | Mar 8, 2018

A First Look

Whether it’s a new technology or technique, one of our goals at the Alliance for Innovation is to connect our local government members with our private sector partners with the aim of spreading great ideas and creating new ones.

Earlier this year, Bret L. Conard, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Edict Systems, wrote a very informative article, asking simply “Is there a place for EDI in the Public Sector? I can’t provide such robust information as Bret provided, but I can hopefully connect some dots.  And of course, we welcome your ideas for integration of EDI in the comments!

In preparation for the upcoming learning session “What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and How Much Can It Save My Local Government?” on March 22, let’s define just what we mean by EDI. As stated on

EDI is the electronic exchange of business document data, such as purchase orders and invoices, in a standardized format between trading partners. It replaces paper-based document exchange yielding many benefits, including reduced cost, increased transaction speed and visibility, fewer errors, and improved business relationships.

Basically, EDI replaces paper-based business processes, drastically reducing errors and faulty data.  But what does that look like exactly?

Ultimately, EDI can save local governments money by providing an alternative to (and perhaps replacing) information flows that require a great amount of human interaction and documentation. It streamlines a process that is typically very costly and needs to be error free. I’ve heard industry statistics that indicate the private sector is saving hundreds of thousands of dollars using EDI systems. It’s time for the public sector to look into this amazing technology! Add your brainstorming ideas in the comments below!

Looking ahead to the live presentation on March 22, let’s learn more about our presenter. 

Just who is Bret Conard?

Bret joined Edict Systems in 2015 with over 20 years of experience in software development, professional services delivery, and sales management in several industries. During his IT and consulting careers at Levi Strauss, RCM Technologies, and United HealthCare, he played key roles in implementing and managing global supply chain and compliance initiatives. His diverse background allows Bret to function fluently at all levels within the complex world of EDI and enterprises of all sizes. Bret holds a BS in Information Technology from American Intercontinental University.

We hope you can join us for the session.  And if you have any questions about the session or the Alliance learning programs, reach out to me at

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