BIG Ideas

by Alex Rodriguez

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BIG Ideas 2018

Join your colleagues for a lively exchange at the 10th annual BIG Ideas meeting in Austin, Texas from October 26-28, 2018. You will dive deep into discussions, find solutions in small groups, and learn a new way to think about some of the emerging challenges facing local governments.

Drug abuse affects the entire community and impacts municipal services, but few jurisdictions are set up to deal with these issues when they arise at the escalating pace that we have seen. Whether your community is currently facing this challenge or not, this meeting will challenge your critical thinking skills and help you guide you to solutions to complex problems. Or, you may be the key to unlocking a hidden solution to your peers who deal with the opioid crisis every day in their communities.

Attendees will join Provocateurs in large and small group conversations to discuss the impacts of the opioid crisis in our communities. Roughly 100 leaders from across North America will join together in small teams to find new solutions to the Opioid Crisis – addressing large scale issues, and also looking neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block.

Hosted by the Alliance for Innovation, BIG Ideas is an invitation-only event that gathers progressive leaders to explore critical issues for the future of communities. The Alliance for Innovation is inspiring innovation to advance communities. As the premier resource for emerging practices in local government, the Alliance is building cultures of innovation and connecting thought leaders in the profession.

Questions to Get You Thinking

  • Do you have the ability to ramp up quickly? How do you plan to tackle issues that escalate in your community at a rapid place, like drug abuse?
  • How is the opioid crises effecting other municipal services?
  • What are the long-term and far reaching effects of the opioid crisis.
    • Opioids killed over 33,000 Americans in 2016 (on par with the number of Americans killed in car accidents and by gun violence every year)
    • Nearly three quarters of states saw an unprecendented number of children entering foster care
    • There is a correlation with the increase in opioid prescriptions and the decline in men’s labor force participation
    • Many of the victims are older, white and legally prescribed opioids
  • How is your community addressing this issue? What innovative ways are you tackling it,
  • What partnerships are you employing?
  • Is your budget up?

“The opioid epidemic knows no boundaries. It has cut through communities of all sizes and families of all socio-economic backgrounds,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said during an October 2017 interview with Successful Farming.


BIG Ideas: The Future of Local Government 2018 is generously sponsored by Siemens, ICMA-RC, Library Services and Systems, and SAFEbuilt.