When Crisis Communication Meets the Intersection of Race & Equity: A Crash Course Every Agency Needs to Respond Effectively

This session is a crash course in crisis communications from national expert Scott Summerfield followed by an all-female, all-Black panel who have lived the challenges of crisis communications through the lens of race and equity.

ARTICLE | Jul 30, 2021
by Brandi Allen

We are living in a world of non-stop crisis from facing a global pandemic to addressing the severe impacts of climate change on our local communities. Managing these emergencies has required local government agencies to plan ahead and execute a structured response to ensure affected communities can stay safe and receive critically needed support.  However, the long-awaited racial justice reckoning across America has brought forth a new sort of crisis for local government. Tune into this session to learn about the tools you and your agency need to engage your community on race and equity in public safety and beyond. 



April Luckett-Fahimi, Police Captain, Alameda County Sherriff's Office

Angela Averiett, Deputy Police Chief, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police Department

Aisha Knowles, Public Affairs Manager, Fremont Fire Department

Scott Summerfield, Principal at SAE Communications and Dean of Instruction with the California Specialized Training Institute

Moderator: Lauren Sugayan, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Union City


Watch the full webinar recording here.

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