What's Hot this Summer?

Here are some highlights from the past few months on the Knowledge Network.

ARTICLE | Aug 15, 2012

Highlights from the last few months in the online local government community

Even though it's still vacation season and the weather's plenty hot for many of us, it won't be long before school starts and the days cool off again. Before summer ends, take a look at some of the highlights from the Knowledge Network over the past few months. Local government leaders have been asking questions, discussing their experiences, and sharing resources to better manage their communities.

Questions and Answers


Questions are a great way to quickly tap the expertise of your colleagues. Many of the questions below generated lively discussion, and each was among the most-viewed questions of the summer:

To join the latest discussion, or to ask a question of your own, go to icma.org/questions.


The collection of more than 7,100 documents on the Knowledge Network continued to expand this summer. Some of the most useful resources on the Knowledge Network are the reports, policies, and sample documents that come directly from local governments. Here are a few of the new additions:

If you have a resource like these, or any other document that might be useful to share with the community, submit it to the Knowledge Network.

The documents section has also welcomed many new resources produced by ICMA and other organizations covering issues in local government, like these:

You'll find much more at icma.org/docs.


Finally, the blogs section of the Knowledge Network has recently seen some especially exciting new posts. For ongoing discussion of local government issues, check out the blogs that have been the most active this summer:

  • Sustainable Communities discusses new ideas for creating stronger, more resilient and sustainable communities.
  • 311/CRM Systems brings you developments in the 311/CRM field from the experts.
  • Government Affairs & Public Policy shares policy insights from the Center for State and Local Government Excellence.
  • Notes from CityLinks offers updates from the ICMA program that connects communities around the world working on climate change, food security, and water & sanitation.
  • In the Know shares the latest highlights from the Knowledge Network.

Browse the latest at icma.org/blogs. And remember, any Knowledge Network user can start a blog, making it easy for you to start sharing your experience!

If you'd like to find more information on the Knowledge Network, learn about browsing by topics to focus on the content that's most relevant to you. The Getting Started page is the best place to learn how to set up your account and participate in the communitiy.

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