Westerville, Ohio Introduces GoWesterville!

ARTICLE | May 30, 2017

The City of Westerville is introducing GoWesterville, a new innovative communication initiative to help residents and visitors stay in the loop about roadway, infrastructure and capital improvement projects in the City.

The City has made consistent and aggressive progress in the mission of bolstering Westerville’s infrastructure so that it will not only better serve the current needs of residents, but will serve the needs of future generations. 

It’s part of fulfilling a promise made by the City in 2008 when residents voted to approve Issue 54, which raised the City’s income tax rate to 2.0 percent to help fund critical infrastructure improvements. This funding has been put to work to improve all streets rated in less than "good" condition to “good” or “better” condition, which the City promised to do within 12 years. 

GoWesterville communication tools will make it easier for residents and visitors to plan routes around roadway construction projects large and small. One of these tools is an interactive map that will make it easier than ever to learn about projects all around the City.

Users will be able to access information on projects by tapping the pinpoint on the map or by navigating through three easy-to-navigate tabs:

1. Major Projects: Projects impacting major arteries through the City, such as State St. and Cleveland Ave. These projects have the largest likelihood of impacting the most motorists.
2. Street Maintenance Program: Each year, the City inspects the roadways and identifies those streets that require repair or reconstruction. 
3. Projects Around Westerville: Includes information about projects that are not managed by the City, but could likely impact Westerville residents and visitors.

For more information about this innovation in Westerville, visit www.westerville.org. 

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