We All Live Downstream and Other Dispatches from Asia

In the latest posts on the Fellows Exchange Blog, local government professionals from the U.S. share their experiences from cities and villages throughout Asia.

ARTICLE | Aug 25, 2016
Laura Allen, town administrator for Berlin, Maryland, and Anne Catlin, community development planner 3 for Albany, Oregon, with ICMA SURGE Philippines Team.

From Florida to Oregon and communities in between, local government professionals are sending dispatches from countries throughout Asia. The topics range from how Djakarta limits light pollution to how kids enforce the environmental rules in Caramoan, Philippines. If you haven’t stumbled upon the Fellows blog, you are in for a treat. Knowledge sharing and ongoing collaboration are top priorities of the Professional Fellows Exchange Program. The blog captures both sides of the exchange. Emerging local government leaders from Southeast Asia post about their experiences in locations like the city of Dubuque and ideas that they will take back to their communities.

Over the past several weeks, the script has been flipped and city managers and other staff members in the program have been sharing their insights as they travel to the locations they’ve heard about from their visiting fellows.

ICMA is looking for another 15 host communities to participate in this program, which is funded by the U.S. State Department, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. More information and an application can be found here and you can contact communities that have served as hosts by linking to the fellows who are posting on the blog. 

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