Virtualizing Local Government

ARTICLE | May 26, 2020

Many agencies have been making slow but steady progress toward making more government services accessible virtually. Today, for many cities, virtual city halls have become a necessity rather than a goal. This webinar series showcases specific stories of how state and local governments, large and small, are adapting to this new reality through resilience and simple technology solutions when nobody can come to City Hall.

Session 1: Virtualizing City Hall - Lessons From Malibu 

Summary: Reva Feldman, City Manager of Malibu, California is no stranger to responding to disasters.  Last year she successfully led the City of Malibu's emergency response during and after the Woolsey Fire, the largest wildfire in Los Angeles County history and the worst natural disaster in the City of Malibu's history, mostly from a remote location.  In the same season Malibu experienced devastating flash floods as a result of denudation caused by the fires. This year she is responding to the COVID-19 threat and the social distancing order in a city where over 50% of the population is over 50 and adjacent to some of California’s most popular beaches and trails.  Hear what steps she’s taking to leverage technology to respond to citizen needs, ensure continuity in city operations and conduct public hearings while her staff, council and residents are remote. Joel Carnes, president of the Alliance for Innovation, moderates a panel to discuss what cities can do to ensure continuity in service and operations.

Watch our interactive discussion with Reva Feldman (CM of Malibu), Tom Spengler (Executive Chairman of PrimeGov), and Dr. Peter Pirnejad (Senior Director, Oracle Public Sector Strategy). 

Access the recording of the live session here!

Session 2: Virtualizing City Hall – Lessons from Jacksonville

Summary:  Cities are doing everything they can right now to connect with their people - from WhatsApp to Facebook, to forwarding emails around.  Jacksonville has a better way. Learn about Ginny Zuckero’s journey to implement a next-gen Customer Service System for the City of Jacksonville, allowing them to maintain local government continuity and community engagement in any circumstance.

Watch our interactive discussion with Ginny Zuckero, Asst Chief Tech Officer, Jacksonville, FL; Dr. Peter Pirnejad (Senior Director, Oracle Public Sector Strategy); Tom Spengler (Executive Chairman of PrimeGov).

Access the recording of the live session here!

Session 3: Virtualizing State Government Agencies – Lessons from San Jose and Arizona.

Summary: In Local Government, resilience is measured on a continuum not a finish line.  Listen to our discussion on how even the largest organizations are not immune to the challenges caused by a disruption of service.  

Hear Rob Lloyd, CIO of the City of San Jose, discuss the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned in maintaining continuity of service after the 2017 flood of the Coyote Creek.  How are they dealing with the challenges caused by the current shelter in place requirements and what lessons can they share?

We also speak with Andrew Lombard, EVP of Innovation and Venture Development for the Arizona Commerce Authority.   How is the State of Arizona shifting gears in response to the current crisis, and what does this mean for the future?

Access the recording of the live session here!


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