Two New Members Join the Alliance

The Alliance for Innovation would welcomes two new members in the Central Region.

ARTICLE | Mar 30, 2017

The Alliance for Innovation would like to extend a welcome to our new members. By connecting these thought leaders, our strong network enables the Alliance to be the premier resource for emerging practices and help build cultures of innovation.

New local government members:

City of Stillwater, MN

Pop: 18,225 (2010) 


Stillwater is considered the historic Birthplace of Minnesota because in 1848 the first territorial convention that began the process of establishing Minnesota as a State was held on the corner of Myrtle and Main Street downtown. The lumber industry made Stillwater famous for at the height of the log boom, Stillwater’s lumber mills turned out thousands of rail cars of timber of mostly white and Norway pines. Minnesota was one of the largest lumber markets in the world with Stillwater Lumber Company as one of the largest lumber mills in the country. [1] 

Today, Stillwater’s rich and vibrant history is evident everywhere you look and is now mixed with modern amenities, restored historic mansions, over 100 owner-operated shops and restaurants in downtown alone by Historic Main Street, 20 outdoor dining patios, historic sites, wineries and breweries, paddlewheel cruises, antiques, museums, art galleries, music and many events. [2] 

Town of Westlake, TX

Pop: 1,230 (2016)


Mission: On behalf of the citizens, the mission of the Town of Westlake is to be a unique community blending preservation of our natural environment and viewscapes, while serving our residents and businesses with superior municipal and academic services that are accessible, efficient, cost-effective, and transparent.[3] 

The Town of Westlake was settled by Charles and Matilda Medlin when they arrived in the area with about 20 other families in 1847. They initially settled along Denton Creek but moved south to higher ground after weathering ferocious floods from the creek.  Until 1997, the three-story Medlin barn was a local historic landmark. When it had to be removed for safety issues, it was believed to be 130 years old. Legends include those of Sam Bass and Bonnie and Clyde hiding in the barn.[4]

Approximately 700 residents occupy the Town of Westlake's 6.6 square miles, which are situated in the northern triangle of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Westlake was incorporated in 1956.[5] 

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