Tempe, AZ Starts Mobile Recycling Education Center

Tempe, AZ used a grant from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to develop a mobile recycling center. The mobile center will educate Tempe residents will encourage sustainable practices and environmental awareness.

ARTICLE | Feb 15, 2010

The City of Tempe was awarded a grant from Arizona Department of Environmental Quality for the development of a mobile recycling education center. The project was partially funded by ADEQ’s Waste Reduction Initiative Through Education grant, for projects that educate Arizona citizens about waste reduction, recycling and how to properly dispose of waste. ERIC made his first debut on July 1, 2009, @9:00 a.m. at the City of Tempe Public Works/Field Operation Facility, 55 S. Priest.

To view the development of ERIC, click the following web link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPEkjrIOUQI

The primary goal of the ERIC, a 38 foot gooseneck trailer is to provide a venue for innovative and interactive learning that promotes the three R’s of Recycling – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle and:

  •  Increase participation in Tempe’s municipal blue barrel recycling program
  • Divert recyclables from the landfill
  • Decrease contamination of recyclables
  • Properly dispose of solid waste
  • Promote environmental stewardship through sustainable practices

The ERIC unit will bring waste reduction awareness to the door steps of the community who otherwise may not have the opportunity to attend a public venue. The mobile education center is self-contained, designed to go anywhere, and easily set-up. While aboard of ERIC you will discover the many benefits of recycling and how to reduce and properly dispose of waste to help the environment through the following exhibits: What’s in Your Garbage, What Goes in Your Blue Barrel, Tempe’s Recycling Resources, and The Recycle-Cycle.

The self contained 38 foot museum quality trailer provides an active learning environment by illustrating how recycling can live on after items are tossed into the blue recycling container. The ERIC unit is designed to accommodate guests who will discover the many useful products created from material diverted from the landfill. The interior finishes of the center will feature eco-friendly materials, such as the Nike Grind floor surface. ERIC includes educational exhibits that heightens awareness, increases understanding and generates enthusiasm about recycling among consumers and businesses.

To inquire about ERIC call (480) 350 8145.

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