San Antonio, TX Converts Retired Parking Meters to Donation Stations for Homeless

ARTICLE | Sep 7, 2011

To raise awareness of homelessness in San Antonio, the City of San Antonio converted retired parking meters into donation stations throughout the downtown area. Coins collected will support homeless programs at Haven for Hope. Each night, 2,500 people sleep on San Antonio streets.

In May of last year, the City retired some of the traditional parking meters and installed 134 solar-powered parking pay stations throughout downtown's busiest corridors. The new parking pay stations provide motorists with the convenience of paying for parking with credit/debit cards in addition to coins. Twenty-five retired meters in downtown San Antonio have now been converted into donation stations.

"This is an innovative way to reuse materials that still maintain functionality but have been replaced with technology," said Paula Stallcup, director of the Downtown Operations Department. "We hope the new donation stations will be a convenient way to help support homeless programs in San Antonio."

A variety of agencies are participating in the initiative. Working together, the Downtown Operations Department, the San Antonio Convention and Visitor's Bureau (SACVB), Convention and Visitors Commission, San Antonio Tourism Council, Downtown Alliance/Centro San Antonio and Haven for Hope developed the idea to reuse the retired parking meters as donation stations. The SACVB and the Downtown Alliance'Centro San Antonio assisted in the design and look of the parking meters while the Downtown Operations Department installed them. The San Antonio Tourism Council coordinated with downtown businesses on installation near their place of business and the Downtown Alliance/Centro San Antonio Amigos will help educate the public about the philanthropic effort and maintain the unit. Haven for Hope will monitor and collect the coins in the donation stations. The funds collected will stay in San Antonio and support homeless programs at Haven for Hope.

To further support Haven for Hope and help make a difference in the community, call (210) 220-2191.

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