SAFEbuilt on BIG Ideas 2017

The Emerging and Uncertain Role of Local Governments in Social Minefields

ARTICLE | Jan 18, 2018

Big Ideas 2017 was graciously hosted by the City of Raleigh, NC who pulled-out all the stops to ensure a successful weekend for the nearly 100 local government professionals, academics and thought leaders in attendance.

SAFEbuilt, LLC was once again a proud sponsor of Big Ideas and welcomed the opportunity to attend, to listen, to participate and to learn from, some of the best-of-the-best in local government.

Big Ideas is a unique annual event that provides an open forum for conversations on topics affecting local governments from big to small across the US. It’s seldom that the opportunity for city and county managers to join together for a full weekend to confront challenging topics they wrestle with on varying levels in their communities.  But, they all recognize the importance of networking and learning from their peers.

As one might imagine, tackling the topic of “Emerging and Uncertain Role of Local Governments in Social Minefields” was a bit daunting, but the White Papers provided insight and generated mindful and thought-provoking conversations.

Dr. David Swindell, Dr. Carl Sternberg and Dr. James Svara’s White Paper and presentation, “Navigating the Waters between Local Autonomy and State Preemption” was an eye-opening discussion on examples of autonomy, preemptions, restrictions, and penalties.

The National League of Cities Center for City Solutions’ White Paper “City Rights in an Era of Preemption: A State-by-State Analysis” focused on seven policy areas: minimum wage, paid leave, anti-discrimination, ride sharing, home sharing, municipal broadband and tax and expenditure limitations. 

These two documents provided the framework for intense discussion. The meaningful statistics demonstrated the scope of the issue, the broad continuum of local authority within state and federal boundaries, and how it impacts communities throughout the US. To read more about what was covered at this forum, see the BIG Ideas 2017 Wrap Up.

SAFEbuilt looks forward to sponsoring, attending and participating in the Alliance’s Big Ideas 10-year anniversary in Austin, TX in October 2018.

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Pamela Muse, Client Services Director


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