Rick Cole and 21st Century Local Government

Hear Rick Cole and CEO of AFI Joel Carnes engage in a conversation on Antifragile Local Government in this video webinar.

ARTICLE | Sep 10, 2020

Rick Cole’s story made the headlines recently with his resignation letter as a resounding call for why and how Local Governments should make changes now. Hear from Joel Carnes, CEO of the Alliance for Innovation, and Rick Cole, Former City Manager at the City of Santa Monica, as they talk about the challenges and opportunities to implementing 21st Century local government principles. They will discuss why Local Government must move beyond mere resilience to become antifragile. An antifragile organization is one that thrives in reaction to outside stressors - leveraging those stressors to purposefully facilitate development, growth, and renewal. They…

  • Focus on outcomes, not output
  • Attract and unleash great talent
  • Are built for long-term fiscal sustainability
  • Run on real data, in real time
  • Actively build trust and accountability
  • Flexible structures, achieving outcomes through collaboration and partnership

Watch the conversation here: 


(Webinar begins at 3:58)

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