Las Vegas Approves Renewable Energy Partnership for Municipal Buildings and Facilities

ARTICLE | Aug 31, 2016

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada today approved a partnership between the city and NV Energy that paves the way for us to be a world leader in renewable energy. It means city facilities are one step closer to relying solely on renewable resources for power.

If approved by the council, this partnership will dedicate to city operations a portion of energy produced by a local solar facility that is currently in development. The energy dedicated from this solar facility, coupled with the power the city produces on its own and receives from NV Energy that already satisfies our state’s renewable portfolio standard, will allow the city of Las Vegas’ retail load to be served 100 percent by renewable energy.

 In partnership with NV Energy, every streetlight, city park, community center, fire station, service yard and public building owned by the city will be 100 percent powered by renewable energy

The solar facility that will be initially supporting the city’s 100 percent renewable energy goal is the 100-megawatt (AC) Boulder Solar I power plant currently under development in the Eldorado Valley of Boulder City, Nev.


To view the press release, visit the document by clicking here.