ICMA @ 2016 Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) Conference

On Friday, October 21, local government aficionados across the nation met, engaged, colored, connected, and tweeted at one of six ELGL ‘pop-up’ conferences.

ARTICLE | Nov 2, 2016

On Friday, October 21, local government aficionados across the nation met, engaged, colored, connected, and tweeted at one of six ELGL ‘pop-up’ conferences.  ICMA was one of the “Top of the Charts” sponsors for the 2016 Engaging Local Government Leaders conference in six locations. ELGL profiled ICMA’s sponsorship with 16 Fun Facts about the association.

The ‘pop-up’ conferences happened simultaneously throughout the US, with locations in Portland, OR; Menlo Park, CA; Denver, CO; North Richland Hills, TX; Chicago, IL; and Durham, NC. In addition to ICMA members already attending the conferences, ICMA sponsor delegates included ICMA President Lee Feldman (in Durham), ICMA Past President Pat Martel (in Denver), current Vice-Presidents Bert Lumbreras (in North Richland Hills) and Jeff Towery (in Portland), and former ICMA Board Members Mike Baker, Karen Pinkos, and Lee Worsley, attending Chicago, Menlo Park, and Durham, respectively. Four of the conferences were coordinated by ELGL members who are also ICMA members, including Eric Ameigh, Ben DeClue, Ryan Adams, and Julie Underwood.

Connecting in person and over social media, the group assigned all attendees band names to help everyone meet each other. Some highlights from Twitter include:

Lee Feldman ‏@leefeldman Retweeted Southeast ELGL, and added:

So glad to be here today! @ICMA @ELGL50 #ELGL16

All the talent in this room ignites my passion for #localgov

PMartel@ICMAPastPres‏@DalyCityManager Retweeted Kevin Woodhouse

#ELGL16 kick-off event in Denver was solid gold for Milli Vanilli band mate @ICMAPastPres. Great discussion on gender balance, diversity & mo

#ELGL16 Although I'm in Milli Vanilli w/ @mattbronson & @ICMAPres , no lip-synching in this band of authentic leaders! @ELGL50 @CALELGL

Jeff Towery ‏@JRTowery  

Thanks to @ELGL50 for bringing @SheilaHamilton to #ELGL16. Powerful, thought provoking & inspiring!

Team enthusiasms did not go unnoticed, with ELGL co-founder Kent Wyatt Tweeting from the Portland conference: “A traitor is amongst us... @JRTowery is Packers fan. #ELGL16

Karen Pinkos was very active on Twitter during and after the event in Menlo Park:

Karen Pinkos ‏@kepinkos 

Thanks @ELGL50 @CALELGL @ICMA for the SFO #ELGL16! And big props to @CityofMenloPark & to @UnderwoodJulie! #lovelocalgov

"Look in unexpected places" for new ideas on democracy & governance. Nerding out on ideas about #localgov from @davidevanharris #ELGL16

The number one thing #localgov needs to do to be effective at community engagement...? LISTEN. #truth #ELGL16 @CALELGL @ICMA

Great theme from #ELGL16 panel of electeds aged 40 & under: they didn't listen to those who said "wait for your turn." #courage

Great day today at #ELGL16 enjoying some interesting sessions and repping @ICMAevents! (even… https://www.instagram.com/p/BL1qUEKh3-H/ 

Read more event highlights online by searching #ELGL16 on Twitter. ELGL is shifting its annual conference to May 11-12 next year, and will host the event in Detroit, Michigan.

ELGL is an association for anyone interested in local government, with a mission to connect, communicate, and educate; learn more at elgl.org.

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