How to Tame the Most Common Billing and Payment Monsters Lurking in Local Governments

Billing and Payment Monsters exist in every local government. Siloed systems, ungainly revenue management processes, poor citizen adoption of digital services… these are some of the battles local governments face while continuing to serve citizens and meet their ever-evolving needs when it comes to making payments.

ARTICLE | Jun 24, 2021

While it may seem daunting to implement new technology, update systems, and improve user experiences, local governments can’t afford to wait to take these steps forward.

Join our fishbowl conversation with Paymentus as we focus on three of AFI’s Guiding Principles and meet the most common Billing and Payment Monsters plaguing local governments today. Paymentus and AFI member cities will discuss the hosted services, innovative solutions, and future-proof software available today that make payment processing secure and easy – for both citizens and staff.

What’s a fishbowl conversation? Participants inside the fishbowl actively participate in the discussion while those outside listen in. Get ready to jump in at any time!


Sandra Hasty, Customer Experience Insight Manager, City of Olathe

Andy Pederson, Village Manager, Village of Bayside

Nicole Haskins, Vice President of Sales, Paymentus

Gregory Jenkins, II, Assistant Director, City of Raleigh Public Utilities

Watch the webinar recording here.

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