How Government Websites Can Create a More Equitable and Inclusive Experience for All

Culver City shares how their website ensures all residents could accomplish more tasks, online.

ARTICLE | Jul 21, 2021

City and county websites are the first touchpoints that most people will have with their local government, but many times those websites create barriers that hinder the user experience. During this webinar the panelists will be diving into a government benchmark report that highlights ways government websites can create a more equitable and inclusive experience for all. We will also hear from a member of the Culver City team as she discusses how the city redesigned their website to ensure all residents could accomplish more tasks, online.



Anissa Di Vincente, Webmaster, City of Culver City

Josh Ditthardt, Director of Sales, OpenCities

Jillian Als, Marketing Director, Monsido


Watch full webinar recording here.

Get access to the "Better Websites. For All" benchmark report here.


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