Growing Communities: Your Partners and You

Partnerships help growing communities thrive.

ARTICLE | Aug 28, 2018
by Marie Hoffman, SAFEbuilt
The City of Troy Team

Sometimes municipalities need a bit of help as their communities grow. Strong cities, towns and counties working with a trusted partner focused on their success can make a difference. From planning to inspections to code enforcement and more, building safely is a top priority.  For example, in Michigan, the cities of Muskegon, Troy and Athens are growing quickly with the support from a partner dedicated to their achievements.

As demonstrated in the three case studies below, a trusted partner can bring a different level of connectedness while giving back to the communities served. Whether an employee of the municipality or a third-party provider, we all take pride in the communities we serve every day and want to contribute to their success.

There are examples across the country of teamwork between clients and providers leading to exceptional outcomes. Whether a municipality could use support in planning, maintaining and growing existing developments, or more unique aspects that come with helping a community thrive, the right partnerships make all the difference. Finding a partner with the knowledge of your specific concerns and needs, along with best practices from other similar communities, helps to bring long-term success to any city or town.

Safety is a big concern for all developing areas. With the right partner municipalities can help relieve some of the stress by ensuring all aspects of their projects meet national and local codes and regulations, so that they can focus on other important issues. Safely built residential and commercial projects ensure residents enjoy their homes, offices, and businesses comfortably throughout the years. Partnering with meticulous, well-trained building department staff can bring peace of mind to your community.

Think about the partnerships you have today and how they benefit your community. Chances are that you see a lot of the same values, like trust, respect, and teamwork, in those relationships. When a community is growing, strong partners can make a great difference.  Here are three examples:

Muskegon - With over $1 billion in projects currently under development, the City of Muskegon relies on their partner at SAFEbuilt for efficient and effective service. A dependable, responsive Building Services Department team ensures city staff and other partners can focus on their responsibilities, helping things to run more smoothly. Muskegon can be fiscally responsible while exceeding resident expectations and building with a high level of quality and safety. The city has experienced a tremendous turnaround in recent years, and the SAFEbuilt team is excited to be a part of their success. Learn more about Muskegon’s partnership with SAFEbuilt in this quick video:

Troy - The Troy team established a long-running relationship within the city through excellent service and knowledge sharing in their partnership. During a City of Troy council meeting earlier this year, a council member highlighted the value of their partnership with a third-party provider, SAFEbuilt: “They combine three different skills – customer service, high technical knowledge in enforcing the code, and technology. They do a great job for us.” When a partner can fill a need, the benefits are exceptional. Our team of experts continuously find ways to improve, whether it is a faster process, comprehensive technology solution, or unique combination of services. Close partnerships lead to fully understanding what the client needs and providing those services responsively.

Athens - True partnerships are never limited to the latest project. Community outreach is key in helping support a growing municipality. This includes teams who volunteer their time, providing scholarships, offering educational workshops for residents and businesses, sponsored events, and serving on boards and commissions. The team in Athens, MI, is an excellent example of this dedication. Along with partnering with the village for building services, the team raised money to commission a mural painted along an exterior wall of the office to help support the revitalization of the Athens historic district. Local high school art students volunteered their time to work with an artist on this big project that brings new life to a previously unused courtyard. See the completed mural and artist updates on the Athens Area Historical Society Facebook page:

About SAFEbuilt - SAFEbuilt has the technical expertise to run an efficient Building Department,t the reason for our success is the people. Experts from across the country have experience in a complete array of services and skills, but each person values integrity, improvement, service, teamwork, and respect. These core values are the foundation of positive and enriching relationships among coworkers, our clients, contractors, architects, neighborhood groups, community members, and any stakeholders invested in the continued success of their community.

Nationally recognized with 700+ clients in 14 states and 55 offices, our employees are our greatest asset, with exceptionally certified individuals in all departments, including Planning & Zoning, Code Enforcement, Fire Prevention, Engineering, and Arborist services, as well as full-service and supplemental Building Department services.  Visit SAFEbuilt at or call 866.977.4111 to learn more.


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