GovNews: Texas Innovation Alliance Issues Statewide Automated Vehicle Procurement

Cities seek to test “last mile” mobility solutions

ARTICLE | Jul 11, 2018
City of Austin, TX

A partnership that includes Austin and other leading Texas cities, agencies and institutions has issued a joint request for proposals for purchase or lease of automated vehicle solutions, primarily focused on the short-trip market.

Approximately one third of all trips in the United States are two miles or less. This collective effort leverages the combined purchasing power of Texas’ cities to get stronger pricing advantages. It also streamlines the competitive bidding process into a single application, saving staff time and tax dollars.

Automated vehicles are being tested and deployed in Texas and throughout the world in environments that include office parks, hospitals, university campuses, industrial facilities, entertainment districts, downtowns and “last mile” connections to and from public transit facilities. Automated vehicles may provide options for those who are unable to drive, are expected to be significantly safer in operation than human-driven vehicles, and generally have electric powertrains that reduce emissions.

This statewide initiative through the Texas Innovation Alliance bolsters Austin area and regional efforts to leverage resources and technology solutions between cities and in collaboration with the private sector. The goal is to address the state’s urgent mobility challenges and desired safety improvements. Austin has developed a Smart Mobility Roadmap to guide the City’s shared, electric and autonomous mobility efforts.

Austin worked with the Texas Innovation Alliance and the North Central Texas Council of Governments to funnel this request for proposals to the nationwide government procurement service HGACBuy. Each participating city can select from a pool of vendors prequalified from the HGACBuy site to deploy automated vehicle technologies and services in alignment with community needs.

Automated vehicle developers, major automotive manufacturers, technology companies, and others are encouraged to apply by July 12, 2018, and qualify for the ability to offer automated vehicles and services to government agencies who are members of HGACBuy.

The Texas Innovation Alliance consists of cities, transportation agencies, and research institutions from the Arlington, Austin, Bryan/College Station, Coastal Bend, Dallas/Fort Worth, El Paso, Frisco, Houston and San Antonio areas. The City of Austin, Capital Metro, the University of Texas at Austin, and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority compose the Alliance’s Austin team and are all HGACBuy members.

For more information:

RFP Process: Bill Burton, HGAC, 832-681-2514,
Texas Innovation Alliance: Kristie Chin,

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