GovNews: Ferndale Assistant City Manager Honored with Technology Award

ARTICLE | Apr 17, 2018
by Kata Sokol
City of Ferndale

You come to the City's website in search of a permit application or information form. You find what you're looking for, get ready to enter your info and submit . . . and discover that it's an old pdf that requires downloading and snail-mailing. What do you do?

If the answer is "rage scream and forget the whole thing," you're in popular company. And that's exactly what Joe Gacioch, Ferndale's Assistant City Manager, wants to prevent.

This week, Gacioch was honored by SeamlessGov with their "Service is Beautiful" Award—given by the company to government officials who demonstrate dedication to improving the way governments interact with their citizens. Since 2015, Gacioch has worked with SeamlessGov to transition the majority of the City's old forms and applications to "seamless" pdfs—allowing users to write and submit electronically, and delivering that information and data directly to City employees via database and email. The result? A process that's faster and easier for citizens . . . and the employees who serve them.

Gacioch said that the transition to SeamlessDocs has been beneficial across all departments, but he's seen the most success with parking permitting.

"We went from having a static pdf process, where, for example, a developer leasing a space would have to come in to City Hall every 60 to 90 days to update a pdf. Now they just go onto the website, fill out a SeamlessDoc, and have a conversation back and forth with me."

SeamlessGov works with governments of all size to develop and deliver solutions that help citizens engage in an easy, seamless way. Their motto—that government can, and should, be beautiful—can be seen in their simple, pared-down products and services, including SeamlessDocs, websites, public records access, and more.

To learn more about the City's transition to SeamlessDocs, check out SeamlessGov's interview with Gacioch.

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