GovNews: City of Olathe named top performer by Governing magazine

ARTICLE | May 13, 2018

"Broadly Partnered" in the 2018 Equipt to Innovate national survey of American cities.

City of Olathe, KS

As described by Governing magazine, "Broadly partnered cities freely collaborate internally and externally to achieve better results for the community. This involves participating in cross-sector initiatives, whether or not they originate within the city, and empowering staff to collaborate across departments and with external partners. It also means progress is continuously communicated to stakeholders to inform them where the city stands in terms of reaching specified goals." 

Olathe forges strong partnerships across the public, private and nonprofit sectors and connects these collaborations to jurisdictional goals. This city can clearly articulate best practices formed from a history of partnering and has initiated and led multi-jurisdictional partnerships that demonstrate realized benefits. For instance, Olathe played a leadership role in the Kansas City Regional Benchmarking Initiative with 17 nearby cities to share performance data on key metrics in areas such as workforce and economic development. In addition, the City participated in an initiative with the University of Kansas and other Johnson County cities to share key data and analyze the impact of tax incentives on property value growth.

What makes a high performing city? Governing looks for cities that meet these four criteria:

  • Use a variety of partnerships to obtain objectives
  • Partner with peer cities to share data and best practices
  • Lead multi-partner coalitions to address regional issues
  • Evaluate success based on outcomes and pilots

The City of Olathe was also designated a high performing city in the "Dynamically Planned," "Smartly Resourced," and "Employee-Engaged" categories.

Equipt to Innovate is a joint initiative launched by Living Cities and Governing magazine. It is an integrated, collaborative framework anchored in seven key characteristics of high-performance government — being dynamically planned, broadly partnered, resident-involved, race-informed, smartly resourced, employee-engaged and data-driven.

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