GovNews: City of Olathe Launches New Interactive and Development Map

City of Olathe now has tool to answer citizen question on what's being built around the city, incorporating all permits submitted to the City Planning Department.

ARTICLE | Aug 22, 2018
City of Olathe, KS

New Interactive Planning and Development Map Now Available

    Do you ever drive through Olathe and wonder what’s being built at a specific location? The City of Olathe now has a tool available to help find the answer.

    The new interactive planning and development map shows what’s being built around the City, incorporating all permits submitted to the City Planning Department. This map features commercial, warehouse/industrial, and residential (single and multi-family) permits. Simply select a permit to see the status, type, class, address, description, and date issued of the permit. 

    Residential and non-residential development will be color coded on the map with case name, status, plan type, City planner assigned to the case, and all contact information.

    The map gives users the ability to view specific planning cases for upcoming Planning Commission Meetings and City Council Meetings, with case types specified by color. Additionally, historic planning case data is available with the option to view all planning cases from the past six months. 

    Users are able to choose from various base map options, including satellite imagery, street and topographic views, and more. All maps are printable.

    As of this writing, there are 661 building permits, 82 residential developments, and 60 non-residential developments in progress. Five planning cases can be viewed on the map for the next City Council Meeting scheduled for July 21 at 7 p.m.

    City Planning staff is responsible to update the map real-time as applications are submitted.

    Visit to view the interactive map.

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