GovNews: City of Mesa, AZ receives APWA Technical Innovation Award

ARTICLE | Jul 14, 2018
City of Mesa, AZ

The City of Mesa has received the Technical Innovation Award from the American Public Works Association (APWA). The City was recognized for the East Valley Arterial Travel Time Map Project. 

“Congratulations to the Mesa team behind the development of the East Valley Arterial Travel Time Map,” Mayor John Giles said. “It is a truly innovative project that helps engineers manage traffic across jurisdictions during construction, in the event of an accident or as patterns change over time.” 

The project involved Anonymous Re-identification (ARID) sensors which allow travel time and congestion information to be collected by matching the unique signature of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as mobile phones and in-car electronics. The City of Mesa had existing ARID sensors within its boundaries and sought to expand its network within the city. 

The expanded ARID system automatically detects and alerts traffic operations staff of a suspected crash or other non-recurring events. If an increase in travel time is detected, indicating a possible incident, agencies can take corrective measures such as modifying signal timing. 

“The East Valley Arterial Travel Time Map Project has been vital in reducing traffic congestion throughout the City. It is wonderful to receive national recognition for this collaborative effort,” Deputy Transportation Director Erik Guderian said. 

The City invited other East Valley cities to participate in the expansion project, to further grow the network in the region. New ARID sensors were installed in the City of Mesa, City of Tempe, and the Town of Gilbert allowing information to be shared easily across agencies, benefiting the traveling public crossing through multiple jurisdictions. 

APWA’s Technical Innovation Award recognizes an individual, team or organization for the development and implementation of a creative idea, device, process or system that enhances the goals of public works in serving the public and protecting the environment. 

“I’m honored to have been the project manager on this innovative endeavor. It was truly a team effort among City departments and our partner agencies to implement this ground-breaking project,” Senior Civil Engineer Michaela Chelini said. Chelini will receive the award on the City’s behalf Aug. 27 at the APWA Public Works Expo in Kansas City. 

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