Divvy Bike Share Rolls Into Evanston, IL

ARTICLE | Jul 13, 2016

The week of June 27, Divvy Bike Share officially rolled into Evanston, with 100 Divvy bikes and 10 bike share stations installed in locations strategically chosen to provide residents, visitors and students with an additional two-wheeled transportation option. Divvy allows riders to get quickly from Point A to Point B, and is intended for short trips within Evanston or across Divvy’s network of more than 580 Chicagoland stations.

Divvy memberships provide riders with 24/7 access to bikes in Chicago, Evanston and Oak Park. Riders can seamlessly take a bike from any station anywhere in the network and return it to any other station.

Divvy now joins other regional bike share networks operated by Motivate International, Inc., including Citi Bike, Hubway, Capital Bike Share and Bay Area Bike Share, in providing a transportation network that serves residents across municipal boundaries with one single, seamless membership.

“I’m excited to welcome the Divvy Bike Share program to Evanston,” said Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl. “Divvy provides community members and visitors access to an easy, healthy, affordable and environmentally friendly way to complete their last mile of travel or an option for quick trips around town.”

The Divvy Bike Share system advances Evanston’s goal of having safe, integrated, and accessible transportation options available to all. The City has already built more than 50 miles of bike facilities, including protected bike lanes, signed bike routes, and off-street bike paths, and continues to expand and improve its system. From 2000 to 2010, Evanston’s recorded number of bicycle commuters increased by almost 50 percent.

“The launch of Divvy in Evanston speaks to the number and variety of bike riders in Evanston,” said Tom Witt, President for the Evanston Bicycle Club. “Divvy will work in tandem with other City programs and projects such as Pedal Bright, Bike the Ridge and the new Dodge Avenue Protected Bike Lane to encourage cycling both for recreation and for practical purposes, such as commuting. The Evanston Bicycle Club is proud to be a part of the diverse cycling community in Evanston and we look forward to continuing to support an environment that is safe, comfortable and convenient for all road users.”

Evanston has gained the support of sponsors, including Northwestern University, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Valli Produce, and Presence Saint Francis Hospital, to increase the number of stations and contribute to the financial sustainability of the system.

“Northwestern University is happy and pleased to contribute to the Divvy bike program in the City of Evanston,” said Alan Anderson, executive director of Neighborhood and Community Relations at Northwestern University. "We look forward to having our students, faculty and staff join Evanston residents in seeing the community on two wheels. The University is committed to working with our neighbors in Evanston to engage with the City in ways that make it better for everyone."

For more information, please visit Evanston, IL.

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