CityLinks Releases Primer on Subnational Approaches for Low Emission, Climate Resilient Development

ARTICLE | May 1, 2015

ICMA has released the new CityLinks Primer on Subnational Approaches for Low Emission, Climate Resilient Development. Developed in collaboration with ICMA partner, the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC), and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the hope is that this primer will encourage collaboration between international development stakeholders and city officials. The primer offers opportunities for knowledge exchange among cities across the globe focused on emissions reductions and climate resiliency. 

An introduction to the key principles and practices of low carbon, climate resilient development, the primer includes resources and organizations that provide more in-depth guidance on planning and implementation. It was built around examples of best practices in cities in developing countries, where the term cities applies broadly to government levels below the national level, including regional, state, provincial, district, and city levels.

A “roadmap” to the most promising approaches, the publication is a tool for local government officials, as well as development practitioners and international donor organizations, to support the critical work being undertaken at the subnational level toward a low carbon, climate resilient, and sustainable future.

The primer is available on an interactive digital platform, where readers can provide feedback, engage in discussions, and take snapshots of any piece and share by e-mail or social media sites.

The primer is also available as a free PDF download from the Knowledge Network. It was initially introduced with a webinar, which you can learn more about and watch here. To learn more about CityLinks, visit the website and like us on Facebook and Twitter.

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