The City of Marion, IA Police Department Designates "Safe Zones" for Online Sales Transactions

ARTICLE | Apr 21, 2015

The Marion Police Department has designated its lobby and parking lot as "safe zones" for completion of online sales transactions. The decision made by Marion Police Chief Harry Daugherty is in response to the widely publicized Longmont, Colorado incident in which a woman responding to an online advertisement on was attacked by another woman with a knife.

The Marion Police Department will provide a safe space for the transactions to occur but will otherwise not be involved. People wishing to use the Police Department lobby for after-hours transactions may use the intercom located in the building foyer to contact the Communication Center to gain access to the lobby.

Officers will not be assigned to monitor any transactions nor will they require the participants in any transaction to notify them in advance. The Marion Police Department may not be used for any transactions involving guns or any prohibited or contraband goods or services.

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