The City of Lloydminster Uses Strategic Plan Implementation Software To Achieve Council Priorities

The City of Lloydminster uses strategic plan implementation and reporting software to engage staff and achieve council priorities.

ARTICLE | Mar 14, 2016

Strategic plan implementation and reporting continues to be top of mind for many forward-thinking city management teams who are looking for innovative and accessible ways to effectively implement their municipal strategic plans. Additionally, the growing demand for transparency and accountability in local government has further prompted many a city manager to source out flexible and customizable solutions that not only drive the achievement of council priorities, but also ensure employee alignment with strategic objectives.

The City of Lloydminster was such a forward-thinking municipality. This city was looking to operationalize their strategic plan, but was challenged with how to establish measurable objectives, engage department directors, and report on progress to council and residents. Like most local governments, Lloydminster used a single, static document to implement and track the status of their strategic plan, which proved inadequate for their needs. Key accomplishments were reported to council in a PowerPoint presentation at the end of the year. It became difficult to engage senior leaders in the ongoing implementation of the strategic plan and any changes made to the document were not visible across departments.

“The lack of City staff alignment with council-approved objectives led to limited buy-in throughout the organization. Providing comprehensive reports to council that highlighted key accomplishments, performance metrics, and the overall progress of our strategic plan was a significant challenge,” says Sharon Herbus, Director of Strategy at the City of Lloydminster.

Senior Leaders Demanding Change

Because the City of Lloydminster’s strategic plan was referenced only sporadically throughout the year, senior leaders who needed a clearly defined plan of action to realize the goals and objectives set out by council were left wanting. The City of Lloydminster’s Director of Strategy Sharon Herbus finally decided it was time to explore options for a strategic plan implementation and reporting solution. Herbus knew this solution would have to be user-friendly enough to ensure organizational-wide adoption and powerful enough to track activities and complex performance metrics at all levels of the strategic plan. The city’s management team wanted an all-in-one solution that would empower cross-departmental collaboration on shared objectives and make it easy for staff to generate detailed status reports for council and residents in real time.

Simplifying The Strategy Implementation Process With Technology

After searching online for a solution to the City of Lloydminster’s strategy implementation and employee alignment challenges, Herbus ultimately chose to deploy one specific strategic plan implementation and reporting software solution that met her extensive laundry list of technical, strategic, and support requirements. In addition to assisting Herbus with her goal of becoming a more transparent and accountable government, she knew this software would help improve team collaboration and simplify employee performance evaluations.

“The software was so easy to use and this was critical in ensuring maximum buy-in from our department directors. The dashboard graphics and visuals highlighted our shared progress and helped everyone in our organization feel engaged and aligned with the overall strategic plan,” says Herbus.

Working closely with the software’s customer success team, the City of Lloydminster received full strategic and operational plan implementation, scorecard development, and staff training. This initial support facilitated immediate uptake of the software across the organization, allowing Herbus to build out a robust, top-down plan consisting of clear strategic priorities, objectives, and actions.

Employees Are Involved In The Strategy Implementation Process From Start To Finish

All employees across each department at the City of Lloydminster are using the software to ensure successful achievement of the municipality’s strategic priorities. Real time progress updates and commentaries from staff on departmental initiatives can now be easily entered into the system from a single home dashboard. This particular aspect of the software was instrumental in ensuring Lloydminster’s employees were consistently adding regular progress updates into the system and that they understood how their actions were connected back to the overall strategic plan. The city’s silo work culture has also been broken down through regular usage of the software’s in-app messaging capabilities. Additionally, managers have taken advantage of the software’s ability to create detailed, customizable reports where visual representations of all their rolled-up key performance metrics can be easily shared with council and residents.

Proven Results

Through consistent usage of the strategic plan implementation, performance management, and reporting software, the City of Lloydminster is now implementing their strategic plan like never before.

Within 3 months of adopting the software, the City of Lloydminster was able to create their first report on specific departmental objectives and overall team progress that could be easily shared with council and residents.

The City of Lloydminster Experienced The Following Benefits:

? Reporting to council and the community improved significantly and has kept departmental actions aligned with the strategic plan.

? Integration of Herbus’s Employee Success Plans within the software’s performance management module allows her to assess individuals against the city’s overall strategic progress and culture.

? Managers now have access to real time, rolled-up performance metrics and staff commentaries to help them make informed decisions that are consistently aligned with strategy.

“Our day-to-day activities are now aligned with council’s priorities as outlined in our strategic plan. The system helps us stay on track by identifying objectives that may require additional resources. And, we now have the ability to measure and report back on outcomes that highlight our shared success,” says Herbus.

The Future Of Lloydminster

By adopting a strategic plan implementation and reporting software, the City of Lloydminster is charting the course to becoming a more transparent and accountable government. What was once a static document is now a dynamic strategic plan that is responsive to the evolving needs of Lloydminster’s residents. City administrators are using the insights provided by the software to bring more focus into the 2017 city plan as it’s being developed. The strategic plan implementation software will continue to provide rolled-up performance metrics and real time qualitative data that will shed light into how specific departments function and what kind of support and feedback employees need to be successful in their objectives.

New Initiatives To Engage Employees With The Strategic Plan Implementation Software

Herbus has made it a priority to foster a more engaged and accountable work culture that makes the entire strategy implementation and reporting process fun. To help her in this endeavor, Herbus has launched four key engagement initiatives at the City of Lloydminster:

1. Department Champions Promote Engagement and Software Buy-In

Herbus has named one person in each of the city’s departments as the “go-to-guru” to help make employees feel more connected with the software. These Department Champions understand the system and are able to act as the resident support expert whenever a team member has a question on how to use the application and how he can apply the software to his daily work.

2. Lunch and Learn’s

The City of Lloydminster’s senior leadership team also decided to proactively assist staff with any learning curves associated with adopting the new strategic plan implementation software by scheduling in Lunch and Learn sessions with their employees. Herbus regularly gathers her entire staff into the office boardroom, caters lunch in, and reviews the software as a team. Together they go over new features, share quick tips on how to use the system effectively, and open the floor for any Q&A. Herbus has found these quick, refresher training courses extremely helpful in keeping employees engaged with strategy and consistently using the software to help them stay focused on their objectives.

3. Strategy Newsletter

Herbus now has monthly, internal newsletters that are created by staff members from different departments to help foster a work culture that is rooted in communication, collaboration, and teamwork. Content is centered around announcing team achievements, performance milestones, and recognizing employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to name a few.

4. In-House Contests

The City of Lloydminster’s staff are all part of a monthly prize draw that Herbus uses to incentivize her team to use the strategic plan implementation software. Not only has the friendly competition improved organizational morale and encouraged more teamwork, the gamification of tasks has resulted in increased employee productivity and software usage.

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