Avondale, AZ Launches “In Your Backyard” Web Page

ARTICLE | Feb 23, 2015

Are you curious to know what’s slated to be built in that vacant land next to your subdivision? Would you like to stay abreast of the latest developments in Avondale?
Avondale’s Development and Engineering Services Department has launched a new web page called “In Your Backyard,” featuring an easy-to-use interactive map that highlights ongoing development projects around the city. Whether it’s a new housing development or a commercial project, the site offers an overview of current projects that have been submitted to the city as part of the development process.  
“In Avondale, our focus is on both transparency and the customer. “In Your Backyard” is just another example of making information easily accessible to the public,” said Tracy Stevens, Avondale’s Development and Engineering Services Director. ”We want residents, visitors, and those doing business with Avondale to be in the know about what’s happening around the community, and we’re here to answer questions or provide additional information about any of these proposed development projects.”  
The link to “In Your Backyard”, accessible through the Development & Engineering Services page or www.avondale.org/InYourBackyard, takes the user to an interactive map of Avondale. When a person clicks on a proposed project, which is outlined in red, a small screen appears with basic information on the project, such as the status of the project, and the applicant’s contact information. There is also a link to a Fast Facts pdf document that provides more details and maps of the project.
In addition to “In Your Backyard”, Avondale’s Development & Engineering Services also offers an array of customer friendly services, such as over-the counter plan review. For more information, call 623-333-4000.

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