Ambassador Book Club: Introducing the "The XYZ Factor"

ARTICLE | Jun 1, 2016

One of the most popular topics within local government today concerns the Workforce of the Future. Specifically, today’s leadership is looking for leading and best practices on how to recruit and maintain the next generation of leaders. For the second half of 2016, the Alliance Ambassadors Book Club will explore the topic of creating an environment that is attractive to upcoming leaders by reading The XYZ Factor – The Guide to Creating a Culture of Impact by Nancy Lublin (2015 Transforming Local Government Conference Keynote) and Alyssa Ruderman.

Each month we’ll ask an Ambassador to share how the XYZ’s concepts resonate with their internal work culture.  On November 15, 2016 we’ll hold a virtual forum so that Alliance Ambassadors can connect with others about how to build a culture of impact.  REGISTER TODAY.

So join us as we dive into the book:

June:  Alliance Staff: Introduction

July:  Alliance Staff:  Chapter 1 and 2

August:  Chapter 3 and 4

September:  Chapter 5 and 6, September

October:  Chapter 7 and 8

November: Virtual Forum on the 15th - REGISTER TODAY

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